would you look at that

Okay now I remember what I’ve been wanting to write about, what more than anything going on in my life, I’ve really been wanting to express.

I’m sick of hearing people comment on everyone who is on their electronic devices.  I’ll give you some examples:

“well would you look at that, that whole family is at dinner and every single one of them is on their phone”

“and every time their friend goes to the bathroom they check their phone”

“well would you look at us, all together and all on our phones in the same room”

“and she’s just always on her phone”

“and everyone is just always on their phone”

“what’s becoming of our world?  everyone always on their phone”

OVER IT.  Can’t explain but will definitely keep writing about how over it I am and have been for about two editions ago of iphones.  Here’s why:  it’s fucking annoying.  Everyone is on their electronic device, true.  It happens every day all day all the time.  Who. Gives. A. Shit.  I don’t.  I didn’t get a phone until my senior year of college so I understand the whole “back in my day we had a little thing called face to face and what has communication come to people’s lives wowee wow wow can you believe how society has progressed manners rude rude people are rude millenials blah blah”.  Seriously…or should I say srsly….this generation of aging folks has to be the most annoying.  I’d kill to hear war stories or famine stories or walking to school stories from my grandparents again….because this parent to grandparent age is killin me and I’m not even the targeted younger audience.  I went back to college 3 months ago and easily over age my classmates by 20 years…and I love them.  I love bullshitting with them on the back row and using abbreviations OMG HA HA SRSLY TBH CAN’T EVEN, all of it.  I love that they accept me into that world, because I truly enjoy it.  I love school this time around bc (because) you srsly can have your phone out or text on your computer through class and it’s not a rule to put it away and hardly any teachers tell you it’s rude.  I can understand if they did…but man am I happy they don’t, cause it’s fun as fuck.

Am I a better person for accepting all this…absolutely.  JK I can also see the other side, because I’m a better person.  JK it’s just fucking annoying to me hearing about how everyone is on their phone because if someone is head down in a book or using a pen and paper it’s “classic, cool, respectable”–fuck that.  It’s the same exact behavior with a different thing in your face.  I told you it annoys me.  Also I think everyone says it when they’re conveniently not on their own device.  When they’re having a ten minute break or month long hiatus it’s super convenient to call everyone else out.  There’s a few ways I could pause and think of what I’m writing as judgemental of that crowd….oh well I’m having a moment while on all my devices of feeling critical of them.  Win win!!  Right now I’m on my computer, I have my ipad and cell phone next to me–it’s great.

I would love to read your words

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